Big Bash 2017

There's nothing quite like celebrating the end of summer with all of your favorite people... this past Sunday (September 17th) was truly a Sunday to remember.

Over the past few months, we at New Hope had been studying what it meant to be 'stewards' - we learned about how to be good stewards of time, resources, grace, and most importantly, the gospel message. 

As the stewardship series came to a close, Pastor Dave encouraged and challenged every congregational member to go out, baring the gospel, and invite individuals to come out to our 'Big Bash' End-Of-Summer Extravaganza. We understand that there is more to sharing your faith than simply inviting others to church, but what a great way to introduce people to the concept. "Hey, we are having a big party and I want YOU there!" 

Not only were we having a party, but we were starting a new series on healing choices, and we had over 12 life groups, small groups, and classes available for sign up. This was our 'catch all' Sunday, and we wanted to invite and welcome in as many people as possible.

The cool part? Our people accepted Dave's challenge...

We had approximately 60% more people than on an average Sunday.

And that is So. Exciting. not because numbers alone matter, but because people matter. because souls matter. There were individuals who came, filled out visitor cards, and checked the box that said 'I want to know more about Jesus' - can we rejoice in that for a moment?! 

We raise up our hands in praise - recognizing that all of this happened by the grace of God. We are thankful for our remarkable volunteers that helped provide food as well as volunteers who monitored the games/inflatables.

We would like to thank Matt Griffin of Fun Events LLC for serving New Hope so well - the meats that were provided were delicious. The inflatables, games, snocones, photobooth were so much fun... we were truly blessed by you and your workers, Matt so we offer up sincere thanks.

Check out the photos of the event below! (or click here to see the full Facebook album!) Taken by our Creative Team Member, Paige Pieranunzi. 


2017 Les Carlson Memorial - Highlights & Thank Yous

Our first Les Carlson Memorial Golf Tournament went wonderfully this past month - we are thankful and blessed to have had over 50 golfers come out to Quail Valley Golf Course to honor our beloved friend, Les Carlson. 

The money raised from this event was given to New Hope Missions as well as Pancreatic Cancer Research. 

Gail Carlson, Les' wife, would like to extend a warm and heart felt 'thank you' to the golfers, volunteers, and everyone to helped make this event possible.


Baptisms: August 2017

This summer we decided to 'spice it up!' with our August baptisms.

Unlike our traditional baptisms that take place inside during the service, we decided to take these to the river! We are so proud of John Kammerer, Melissa Little, Patrick Little, and their daughter Sonya for choosing to publicly proclaim their love for Jesus in this way!

Special thanks to our very own Paige Pieranunzi for taking such wonderful photos!


Upcoming Event: Big Bash (September 17th)

On Sunday, September 17th New Hope is hosting one of the LARGEST parties we’ve had in a long time! After the Sunday service, the entire outside of Carroll Lutheran School (where our Sunday services are held!) will be transformed into the world’s most fun cookout experience!

We are talking snocones, an inflatable obstacle course, moon bounce, pedestal jousting, photobooths, yard games (there may be a cornhole tournament and it may get serious...), food and more! Mark your calendars, it’s going to be so much fun!

Want to know why we are doing it? Good question!

Here’s the deal... moving forward, we’ve decided that we’re going all-out for Jesus. Not that we haven’t been before, but we want to put all complacency aside and shake up Carroll County (and beyond!) for the Kingdom.

So come September 17th, we want to challenge every single person to bring someone new to church - we are giving you the opportunity to say:

“There’s an amazing party happening, and I would love for you to be there”

And, not only are we having this fun-filled cookout, but we are also launching two new programs!

We will also be launching our new Life Group Program by having a Life Group Fair in our gym (yup, that’s right! All of our life groups will have tables - come gather information on studies, childcare, meeting times and more!)


Our Youth Group Program is being REVAMPED by splitting the Middle Schoolers from the High Schoolers! Middle Schoolers will now meet on Sunday nights at Carroll Lutheran School while High Schoolers will meet on Wednesdays at the Ministry Building. That same evening, our Middle Schoolers will start their new program for the first time!

If you are interested in volunteering to help us make this Bash a success, please click here. Otherwise, mark you calendars! We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here for the Facebook event!

Welcoming Dave & Cathy Dent

We are thrilled to have Pastor Dave Dent and his wife Cathy as leaders here at New Hope Fellowship Church. Pastor Dave has been helping to revive our congregation and to give life to once dead ministries through the power of the Holy Spirit.

If you are interested in seeing more photos from our 'Welcome' Sunday - please click the link below! A wonderful 'thank you' to our friend, Shelly Pearre for capturing this special day!


Lead Pastor Chosen

On Sunday, February 12th, the New Hope Fellowship Church congregation gathered together after the service for a congregational meeting to discuss the possibility of hiring Pastor Dave Dent as the new Lead Pastor for NHF Church. 

There was a time of question and answer with the leader of the search committee, Greg Pearre, lead elder, Steve Johnson, lead trustee, Mike Hott, and Dave and Cathy Dent.

As the Q & A time concluded, the members voted - the ballots were collected and counted. We are excited to announce that the vote was a unanimous. resounding yes and that Pastor Dave Dent will now serve as the full time Lead Pastor of New Hope Fellowship Church.

Welcome, officially, to New Hope Fellowship, Dave! We are thrilled to have you.

Lead Pastor Recommendation


The Pastoral search started with a posting that was advertised on for a one
month period. During that time, 76 applicants, across six countries, submitted resumes, notes,
audio recordings, videos and various other materials to express their interest in the position.
Each of the candidates were reviewed for experience, training, organization, presentation and
for expression of their salvation. Five applicants were chosen to move on to the next phase of
the process.


The next phase of the process was to send out a questionnaire to each of the five contenders.
The questionnaire was designed to be open ended and to allow the applicant an opportunity to express themselves. Only two of the candidates provided insightful responses with details that sought to establish a connection to the search team and did not introduce concerns that
resulted in elimination.


The final two candidates completed a personality index and moved on to the interview phase of the process. The interviews were setup to be one hour of time and they focused around 14 core questions allowing the applicant and the search team to dive down to a low level of detail about the candidates experiences, goals and styles in ministry.


It is the opinion and recommendation of the Pastoral Search Team, through extensive prayer
and being careful stewards of the information placed before us, that God has led DAVE DENT to New Hope Fellowship to fill the role of Lead Pastor and to lead our church, alongside its elders, in the direction of God’s calling. While neither of the final candidates provided responses that eliminated them from consideration, Dave surfaced as a clear leader. The approach that he uses for his leadership style of working together as an equal member among a plurality of men; combined with his experience in larger churches makes him an ideal candidate for a lead pastor role at any church which is elder led. Dave’s desire to build deep meaningful relationships, his quest for accountability, his transparency and his passion to equip the members of God’s church are the proof that his direction comes from God. It was important to to the Pastoral Search team to make the right choice, the God honoring choice, for our church, regardless of how difficult that be. We were prepared to come before the church and indicate that Dave would no longer be the pastor because God had led us in a different direction. However, each step of the process only continued to confirm that Dave Dent is intended to be a part of the family and leadership of New Hope Fellowship Church.

There will be a congregational meeting on Sunday, February 12th after the service where there will be a Q&A time for Dave and Cathy as well as a time to vote.