Global Partner Update : Luke & Alyssa Miller

"We're moving to Thailand!"


Luke and Alyssa Miller (NMSI) write,

If you had told us a year ago that we would be moving to Thailand we wouldn’t have believed you.
We were feeling very settled and happy where we were serving in Florida when Alyssa felt the Lord ask her “if I have something else for you, will you accept it?” We were walking along the beach on the evening of Shepherd’s first birthday, a tradition we had started a year before on the night of his birth. We began praying fervently as a couple that if we were indeed being called elsewhere that doors would open and close accordingly and that we would be given that “without a doubt” confirmation from God that we had when we first began this journey as missionaries. Of course, He did just that and within a matter of weeks we had our tickets booked for a vision trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand to shadow the Prosperous Youth Foundation (PYF) team. 
We view this transition as the next steps in our journey with NMSI/YouthHOPE, which began in early 2016 when we sought to answer the call we felt on our lives to work in global youth ministry. With PYF we have the unique and exciting opportunity to serve, disciple, and teach in Chiang Mai’s youth homes where at risk youth are living in the city without parents. There were countless moments during our vision trip where we both felt a confirmation and a peace in our spirits that “this is it, this is what I have for you to do.” 

Our next few months will be split between MD, PA, FL, and CO and we would love to meet with you, share more about what God is doing, and invite you to partner with us prayerfully and financially in this journey. 

We have enrolled in Mission Training International in September/October to help prepare our entire family for the transition of learning a new language, culture, and environment. After we attend our training, our plan is to sell our things and book our flights! The goal is to be on the ground in Thailand by November/December of this year.
If you would like to give a one time gift to help cover our trainings or startup costs, or if you would like to join our monthly support team please reach out to us or follow the link below.

We are humbled by this call and so grateful to have each of you along on this journey as well praying, encouraging, and caring for our family and those we are serving each step of the way.

All our love,
Luke, Alyssa, Psalm, Shepherd