Global Partner Update : Kyle & Corrie Werts

Kyle and Corrie Werts (YWAM) write,

Houston, We landed.
We arrived on Wednesday and are happy to have the travel behind us. We were quite a site going through the airports with our three kids, nine bags, three car seats, two pack n plays, and double stroller. We have spent the last few days dealing with Jet-Lag and having family time, establishing some new rhythms and consistency for the kids. We moved into our studio-loft apartment on campus and actually really like the small amount of space. (Less to clean) It has no AC, nor can it be adapted to have AC as it has louver windows (much of Hawaii is like this). So currently we run 4 fans, two air purifiers, and a diffuser. Also, because of the heat, our kids wear the bare minimum of clothing required :) The campus is quite incredible, and our kids are enjoying the multiple playgrounds, cafe tree house, working natural farm, geckos, and lots of new friends.