Kids Fundraising Success

Barb Cole, the New Hope Children's Director, writes:

In January 2018, the New Hope students (in kindergarten through 5th grade) began a mission project (inspired by the work that our global partners Matt & Karli VonHerbulis are doing in Rwanda, Africa). The goal of this first project was to raise $100 to purchase & send livestock to needy families in Rural Africa (through the Hope on a Thousand Hills organization)

Each child began performing extra chores at home (some even having bake sales and selling desserts at school!) to earn extra money to donate.

They'd bring their earnings into church and when they would placed their earnings into the offering container, they'd tell the Sunday School class what they did to earn their money.

As a group, the kids decided that with their $100 dollars, that they wanted to send 6 rabbits, 4 chickens and 1 goat to people in need.

And guess what!

...the animals were ordered today!


It is an amazing blessing to see these young, precious disciples giving with their hearts! They are continuing to support this mission project throughout the 2018 year and are currently planning a bake sale that will take place soon during "Coffee Hour" at church. (What is coffee hour? Glad you asked! We are launching a new coffee ministry in just a few weeks... more information to come!)