Global Partner Update : Luke and Alyssa Miller

Luke and Alyssa Miller (YouthHope) write,

As we write this, we are humbled and blown away at how God moves. This couldn't have happened without God and without you!
We officially launched Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) in Kenya in November of 2017. In December, we held an additional YLA in Thailand. In Kenya, 90 young people came from both rural village settings and cities. Many of our students were part of the Massai tribe, a semi-nomadic people group of the region. The students represented more than a dozen different churches and nine denominations. It was so encouraging to see their excitement grow a they learned God was calling them to be leaders, in spite of their age or economic status. 
In Thailand, we had 42 high school youth attend. All the youth we worked with lived in youth homes ad many have difficult backgrounds and are at risk for poverty or human trafficking. In spite of their challenges, they enthusiastically embraced God's call for leadership on their lives.
Our desire for creating Youth Leadership Academy was to give youth of the world a voice. Not only a voice, but an understanding and encouragement that their voice is real and matters. We listened to their dreams, share some of ours, but most importantly spoke truth into their lives. Each student that completed the program created a "Community Action Plan" which matched their skills, passions, and dreams with a current need in their community. It is amazing to think that, as a result of this program so far, 132 community projects are currently taking place! Even more importantly, 132 youth are empowered and trained to be leaders in their homes, schools, and communities.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for your prayers, love, and support. Thank you for believing in us. We could not ask for a more loving and supporting team. God is good!
Miller Family Update:
At the beginning of January we celebrated our one year anniversary of moving to Fort Myers. It has been a unique and challenging year, but one that we felt was accompanied by a great deal of growth.
We celebrated the holidays here, which were exactly how we imagined they would be, complete with Christmas lights on palm trees and a somewhat failed attempt to build a sand snowman with a carrot nose.
Our kids are growing fast and keeping us busy! psalm is two and loves all things Disney princesses, swimming like a mermaid, reading books, throwing tea parties, and when her friends and family come to visit her. Shepherd will be one on February 25th and loves playing in the dirt, shaking his head no, chasing his sister, and being silly.
As we look forward to 2018, we are trusting that the Lord will continue to teach us, guide us, and lead us in this calling. We are so thankful for the way you walk with us. Thank you for listening, and being a part of our lives!
Prayer Requests:
- We continue to lack the full support we need. This year we are hoping to raise an additional $600 in monthly support.
- Good connections and friendships
- How to get involved in our church. We are currently praying about what ministries to get involved with in Fort Myers.
Luke's travel to Kenya (April 2018)
Wisdom for future projects with YouthHOPE.
Praise Report:
- The launch of Youth Leadership Academy exceeded our expectations
- We are already planning a Youth Leadership Academy for the Philippines, Chile, and Peru.
- We had an incredible time with family and friends visiting us over the holidays.
- Luke's travel to Kenya (April 2018)
- We are both excited and encouraged about the upcoming year.