Global Partner Update : Kyle & Corrie Werts

Kyle & Corrie Werts (YWAM) write:

We are now back in the U.S and are beginning to feel over jet-lag and re-adjusted! Meanwhile, our four teams are still on outreach in 3 different nations. It's strange to be so far away from them. We love continuing to get updates from them and see how they've been doing on social media. We've picked a few highlights to share!
We're so excited to hear the final report of everything that has happened with the teams! Three weeks in, we met with the teams and heard just a taste of what God had been doing including: 
- Dozens of salvations
- Hundreds of Bibles (print and audio) distributed door to door and  the Gospel presented
- Dozens of physical healings in Jesus name!
- Gospel going into completely unreached villages!
Here's how you can pray for us:
- Safe and healthy delivery of baby boy #2
- Health and continued momentum for outreach teams
- Corrie's health and energy