Global Partner Update : Justin Hanneken

Justin Hanneken (Ends of the Earth Cycling) writes:

Friends & Family,

How are you today?  God bless you, your families and your local churches.  We rejoice in your love and care for our family.  Thank you for your prayers over our recent trip to India.  It was incredible.  To God be the Glory!  


In 2015, Ends Cycling was blessed to #PrayPedalRepeat for India, 3 times in one year.  The prayers and funds raised impacted 3 ministries working with youth in 3 different states in India.  One of our beneficiaries was India Christian Mission, which was founded by David Rajan.  We always say at Ends Cycling that it's not just about sending funds, but sending people as well.  This is the reason we went.  Recently, a new radical government has taken over in India and many Christian ministries and NGOs have been removed.  As a result of that, tens of thousands of orphans end up back on the streets, not receiving the care they deserve.  One might see this as a tragedy, but we saw how it's absolutely incredible how the Church in India has stepped up!  David Rajan, for instance, has started 20 Child Development Programs (CDCs) as well as 5 in Sri Lanka.  These programs are feeding over 1,000 kids each month - but spiritual and physical food as well!  Amen!  


By the grace of God, this was my 4th time traveling to India.  It was also my first opportunity to travel internationally with our teammate Christal Haner, and our dear bro, Jimmy Akers.  In fact, that was Jimmy's first time outside of the USA!  Truly, God put this small team together, as Christal started having dreams and visions of going to India alongside several American men - in January & February nonetheless!  God brought the vision to pass and was even gracious enough to show her the exact spot!  


As we arrived, we got to spend a few days with David Rajan, and connect with many old friends, such as Jonathan & Priya Matthews, Ravi martin, Velu & Ajith, and more!  From there, we ministered alongside our bro, Stephen Raj and the Metro Missions Family.  After that, we flew to the South, a new place, Trivandrum in Kerala state, to work with our new partners down there.  All in all, we hosted 17 outreaches in 9 days.  We had many 14-16 hr. days and got little sleep but God sustained us!  We had the opportunity to minister in the Spirit in slums, villages, schools, houses, and even share in a Youth Ministry class at a Bible College!  We were humbled to worship & pray with pastors who had recently been beaten for their faith - truly, this is the persecuted church we hear about so often.  One verse that sustained us and them was, "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind."  Amen!


I appreciate your prayers as I am headed to Belize on Tuesday for 5 days alongside Ends Cycling' teammate, Brian Burgan as well as 2 brothers from PA.  May God get the glory there as well!  

Karena and the tribe are doing amazing!  We love you all!  


Justin H.