Big Bash 2017

There's nothing quite like celebrating the end of summer with all of your favorite people... this past Sunday (September 17th) was truly a Sunday to remember.

Over the past few months, we at New Hope had been studying what it meant to be 'stewards' - we learned about how to be good stewards of time, resources, grace, and most importantly, the gospel message. 

As the stewardship series came to a close, Pastor Dave encouraged and challenged every congregational member to go out, baring the gospel, and invite individuals to come out to our 'Big Bash' End-Of-Summer Extravaganza. We understand that there is more to sharing your faith than simply inviting others to church, but what a great way to introduce people to the concept. "Hey, we are having a big party and I want YOU there!" 

Not only were we having a party, but we were starting a new series on healing choices, and we had over 12 life groups, small groups, and classes available for sign up. This was our 'catch all' Sunday, and we wanted to invite and welcome in as many people as possible.

The cool part? Our people accepted Dave's challenge...

We had approximately 60% more people than on an average Sunday.

And that is So. Exciting. not because numbers alone matter, but because people matter. because souls matter. There were individuals who came, filled out visitor cards, and checked the box that said 'I want to know more about Jesus' - can we rejoice in that for a moment?! 

We raise up our hands in praise - recognizing that all of this happened by the grace of God. We are thankful for our remarkable volunteers that helped provide food as well as volunteers who monitored the games/inflatables.

We would like to thank Matt Griffin of Fun Events LLC for serving New Hope so well - the meats that were provided were delicious. The inflatables, games, snocones, photobooth were so much fun... we were truly blessed by you and your workers, Matt so we offer up sincere thanks.

Check out the photos of the event below! (or click here to see the full Facebook album!) Taken by our Creative Team Member, Paige Pieranunzi.