Les Carlson 2nd Annual Memorial Golf Outing

August 25th we will host our annual golf outing in memory of Les Carlson - a pillar in our church, a lover of his family and an all around super guy!  This years proceeds will be used to spark New Hope's building fund as we look ahead to landing in a place to call home.  Les was a big part in building the foundation here at New Hope and so we're encouraged that in this way, he still can be.  Click the IMAGE below to REGISTER Online. 

Join Les' wife Gail, daughters Jocelyn and Gretchen and their families again at Quail Valley golf course this summer in celebration of Les!


Global Partner Update : Luke & Alyssa Miller

"We're moving to Thailand!"


Luke and Alyssa Miller (NMSI) write,

If you had told us a year ago that we would be moving to Thailand we wouldn’t have believed you.
We were feeling very settled and happy where we were serving in Florida when Alyssa felt the Lord ask her “if I have something else for you, will you accept it?” We were walking along the beach on the evening of Shepherd’s first birthday, a tradition we had started a year before on the night of his birth. We began praying fervently as a couple that if we were indeed being called elsewhere that doors would open and close accordingly and that we would be given that “without a doubt” confirmation from God that we had when we first began this journey as missionaries. Of course, He did just that and within a matter of weeks we had our tickets booked for a vision trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand to shadow the Prosperous Youth Foundation (PYF) team. 
We view this transition as the next steps in our journey with NMSI/YouthHOPE, which began in early 2016 when we sought to answer the call we felt on our lives to work in global youth ministry. With PYF we have the unique and exciting opportunity to serve, disciple, and teach in Chiang Mai’s youth homes where at risk youth are living in the city without parents. There were countless moments during our vision trip where we both felt a confirmation and a peace in our spirits that “this is it, this is what I have for you to do.” 

Our next few months will be split between MD, PA, FL, and CO and we would love to meet with you, share more about what God is doing, and invite you to partner with us prayerfully and financially in this journey. 

We have enrolled in Mission Training International in September/October to help prepare our entire family for the transition of learning a new language, culture, and environment. After we attend our training, our plan is to sell our things and book our flights! The goal is to be on the ground in Thailand by November/December of this year.
If you would like to give a one time gift to help cover our trainings or startup costs, or if you would like to join our monthly support team please reach out to us or follow the link below.

We are humbled by this call and so grateful to have each of you along on this journey as well praying, encouraging, and caring for our family and those we are serving each step of the way.

All our love,
Luke, Alyssa, Psalm, Shepherd

Global Partner Update : Kyle & Corrie Werts

Kyle and Corrie Werts (YWAM) write,

Houston, We landed.
We arrived on Wednesday and are happy to have the travel behind us. We were quite a site going through the airports with our three kids, nine bags, three car seats, two pack n plays, and double stroller. We have spent the last few days dealing with Jet-Lag and having family time, establishing some new rhythms and consistency for the kids. We moved into our studio-loft apartment on campus and actually really like the small amount of space. (Less to clean) It has no AC, nor can it be adapted to have AC as it has louver windows (much of Hawaii is like this). So currently we run 4 fans, two air purifiers, and a diffuser. Also, because of the heat, our kids wear the bare minimum of clothing required :) The campus is quite incredible, and our kids are enjoying the multiple playgrounds, cafe tree house, working natural farm, geckos, and lots of new friends.

Alpha Pregnancy Training

We received this notice from our friends and partners over at Alpha Pregnancy Center. Check out this really great opportunity to be trained and grow!

The Alpha Pregnancy Center will hold its annual training seminar for counselors and other volunteers.
The five-week training program includes a wealth of informtaion and communications skills that can be applied to all areas of your life, regardless of where the Lord has called you to serve.
We would invite you to join us for the special time of learning and discovery. See how God may be leading you to be a special part of the ministry of the Alpha Pregnancy Center. Please call Alpha (410) 833-7864 for more information or to make a reservation to attend.
Training will be Wednesday mornings beginning April 25th and will run through May 23rd from 9:30am-12:30pm at Alpha Pregnancy Center (301 Main Street Suite 1B Reisterstown). The cost is $35 and that includes all materials and light rereshments. 

Kids Fundraising Success

Barb Cole, the New Hope Children's Director, writes:

In January 2018, the New Hope students (in kindergarten through 5th grade) began a mission project (inspired by the work that our global partners Matt & Karli VonHerbulis are doing in Rwanda, Africa). The goal of this first project was to raise $100 to purchase & send livestock to needy families in Rural Africa (through the Hope on a Thousand Hills organization)

Each child began performing extra chores at home (some even having bake sales and selling desserts at school!) to earn extra money to donate.

They'd bring their earnings into church and when they would placed their earnings into the offering container, they'd tell the Sunday School class what they did to earn their money.

As a group, the kids decided that with their $100 dollars, that they wanted to send 6 rabbits, 4 chickens and 1 goat to people in need.

And guess what!

...the animals were ordered today!


It is an amazing blessing to see these young, precious disciples giving with their hearts! They are continuing to support this mission project throughout the 2018 year and are currently planning a bake sale that will take place soon during "Coffee Hour" at church. (What is coffee hour? Glad you asked! We are launching a new coffee ministry in just a few weeks... more information to come!)


Local Partner Update : Alpha Pregnancy Center

We recently received a card in the mail from Alpha Pregnancy Center that read,

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ at New Hope,
We are so blessed by your partnership with Alpha! Your prayers and support make a true difference in the lives of our moms and their precious babies. One mom writes, "Thank you so much for all you do for us. Because of Alpha, I have been able to overcome my initial feelings of helplessness and depression, knowing and feeling true love from total strangers." I appreciate your efforts to sustain Alpha, to make sure that all expectant moms have a place of security." 
We pray that her words assure you that your kindness and generosity never go unnoticed.

This is a reminder that we are currently participating in Alpha Pregnancy Center's annual Baby Bottle Campaign. Snag a bottle from the Welcome Center at church and fill it with spare change, cash, or a check! 

NOTE: Bottles are due back to the Welcome Center this Sunday (February 25th 2018)

Global Partner Update : Luke and Alyssa Miller

Luke and Alyssa Miller (YouthHope) write,

As we write this, we are humbled and blown away at how God moves. This couldn't have happened without God and without you!
We officially launched Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) in Kenya in November of 2017. In December, we held an additional YLA in Thailand. In Kenya, 90 young people came from both rural village settings and cities. Many of our students were part of the Massai tribe, a semi-nomadic people group of the region. The students represented more than a dozen different churches and nine denominations. It was so encouraging to see their excitement grow a they learned God was calling them to be leaders, in spite of their age or economic status. 
In Thailand, we had 42 high school youth attend. All the youth we worked with lived in youth homes ad many have difficult backgrounds and are at risk for poverty or human trafficking. In spite of their challenges, they enthusiastically embraced God's call for leadership on their lives.
Our desire for creating Youth Leadership Academy was to give youth of the world a voice. Not only a voice, but an understanding and encouragement that their voice is real and matters. We listened to their dreams, share some of ours, but most importantly spoke truth into their lives. Each student that completed the program created a "Community Action Plan" which matched their skills, passions, and dreams with a current need in their community. It is amazing to think that, as a result of this program so far, 132 community projects are currently taking place! Even more importantly, 132 youth are empowered and trained to be leaders in their homes, schools, and communities.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for your prayers, love, and support. Thank you for believing in us. We could not ask for a more loving and supporting team. God is good!
Miller Family Update:
At the beginning of January we celebrated our one year anniversary of moving to Fort Myers. It has been a unique and challenging year, but one that we felt was accompanied by a great deal of growth.
We celebrated the holidays here, which were exactly how we imagined they would be, complete with Christmas lights on palm trees and a somewhat failed attempt to build a sand snowman with a carrot nose.
Our kids are growing fast and keeping us busy! psalm is two and loves all things Disney princesses, swimming like a mermaid, reading books, throwing tea parties, and when her friends and family come to visit her. Shepherd will be one on February 25th and loves playing in the dirt, shaking his head no, chasing his sister, and being silly.
As we look forward to 2018, we are trusting that the Lord will continue to teach us, guide us, and lead us in this calling. We are so thankful for the way you walk with us. Thank you for listening, and being a part of our lives!
Prayer Requests:
- We continue to lack the full support we need. This year we are hoping to raise an additional $600 in monthly support.
- Good connections and friendships
- How to get involved in our church. We are currently praying about what ministries to get involved with in Fort Myers.
Luke's travel to Kenya (April 2018)
Wisdom for future projects with YouthHOPE.
Praise Report:
- The launch of Youth Leadership Academy exceeded our expectations
- We are already planning a Youth Leadership Academy for the Philippines, Chile, and Peru.
- We had an incredible time with family and friends visiting us over the holidays.
- Luke's travel to Kenya (April 2018)
- We are both excited and encouraged about the upcoming year.

Global Partner Update : Kyle & Corrie Werts

Kyle & Corrie Werts (YWAM) write:

We are now back in the U.S and are beginning to feel over jet-lag and re-adjusted! Meanwhile, our four teams are still on outreach in 3 different nations. It's strange to be so far away from them. We love continuing to get updates from them and see how they've been doing on social media. We've picked a few highlights to share!
We're so excited to hear the final report of everything that has happened with the teams! Three weeks in, we met with the teams and heard just a taste of what God had been doing including: 
- Dozens of salvations
- Hundreds of Bibles (print and audio) distributed door to door and  the Gospel presented
- Dozens of physical healings in Jesus name!
- Gospel going into completely unreached villages!
Here's how you can pray for us:
- Safe and healthy delivery of baby boy #2
- Health and continued momentum for outreach teams
- Corrie's health and energy

Global Partner Update : Justin Hanneken

Justin Hanneken (Ends of the Earth Cycling) writes:

Friends & Family,

How are you today?  God bless you, your families and your local churches.  We rejoice in your love and care for our family.  Thank you for your prayers over our recent trip to India.  It was incredible.  To God be the Glory!  


In 2015, Ends Cycling was blessed to #PrayPedalRepeat for India, 3 times in one year.  The prayers and funds raised impacted 3 ministries working with youth in 3 different states in India.  One of our beneficiaries was India Christian Mission, which was founded by David Rajan.  We always say at Ends Cycling that it's not just about sending funds, but sending people as well.  This is the reason we went.  Recently, a new radical government has taken over in India and many Christian ministries and NGOs have been removed.  As a result of that, tens of thousands of orphans end up back on the streets, not receiving the care they deserve.  One might see this as a tragedy, but we saw how it's absolutely incredible how the Church in India has stepped up!  David Rajan, for instance, has started 20 Child Development Programs (CDCs) as well as 5 in Sri Lanka.  These programs are feeding over 1,000 kids each month - but spiritual and physical food as well!  Amen!  


By the grace of God, this was my 4th time traveling to India.  It was also my first opportunity to travel internationally with our teammate Christal Haner, and our dear bro, Jimmy Akers.  In fact, that was Jimmy's first time outside of the USA!  Truly, God put this small team together, as Christal started having dreams and visions of going to India alongside several American men - in January & February nonetheless!  God brought the vision to pass and was even gracious enough to show her the exact spot!  


As we arrived, we got to spend a few days with David Rajan, and connect with many old friends, such as Jonathan & Priya Matthews, Ravi martin, Velu & Ajith, and more!  From there, we ministered alongside our bro, Stephen Raj and the Metro Missions Family.  After that, we flew to the South, a new place, Trivandrum in Kerala state, to work with our new partners down there.  All in all, we hosted 17 outreaches in 9 days.  We had many 14-16 hr. days and got little sleep but God sustained us!  We had the opportunity to minister in the Spirit in slums, villages, schools, houses, and even share in a Youth Ministry class at a Bible College!  We were humbled to worship & pray with pastors who had recently been beaten for their faith - truly, this is the persecuted church we hear about so often.  One verse that sustained us and them was, "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind."  Amen!


I appreciate your prayers as I am headed to Belize on Tuesday for 5 days alongside Ends Cycling' teammate, Brian Burgan as well as 2 brothers from PA.  May God get the glory there as well!  

Karena and the tribe are doing amazing!  We love you all!  


Justin H.


A Look Back at 2017...

2017 was a big year for New Hope - lots of new events, ministries, classes, and even a new lead pastor! Here are some of the new things that were put into place this year:

  • Elder relationships / Flocks (each attendee & member is added to a 'flock' and has an Elder that is their go-to person for anything they need!)
  • Our Elders went away on special planning retreats
  • Within our Student Ministry, we split High School away from Middle School
  • Within our Student Ministry, we brought on new leaders
  • & Within our Student Ministry, we began using updated and engaging curriculum 
  • New social media branding & new website
  • The introduction of video announcements & Facebook LIVE
  • Blessings Ministry: Manchester House was created
  • Blessings Ministry: Taneytown Wagon expanded
  • Regular membership classes offered
  • We had quarterly baptisms
  • Life Group Ministry was created and is flourishing
  • Women’s Ministry team formed
  • Women’s Ministry offered mentoring / multiple studies
  • Men’s bible studies/outings were offered bi-weekly
  • We went on a Missions trip to Honduras
  • We hosted our first ever Big Bash
  • We hosted out first ever Trunk ‘r Treat
  • A Praise Team Mentoring program was developed
  • We hosted the 1st Annual Les Carlson Golf Outing and have plans for a second
  • A Building Search Team was formed and actively investigated building options
  • Children’s Ministry virtual Sunday morning Check In was integrated
  • Children’s Ministry flourished with more volunteers
  • We had an Easter sunrise service in addition to our 10:30am service
  • A Young Adult Ministry/Small Group was formed
  • We received visits from ALL of our Global Partners

Attached is the PowerPoint with a few of the many building locations that our Building Team scouted out over the course of the 2017 year. Click here to view.

Christmas Eve Service

We loved having the opportunity to celebrate Christmas Eve with you not only once, but twice! Since Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday this past year, we had our 'normal' Sunday service in the morning at 10:30 where Pastor Dave concluded "The Greatest" series (which you can listen to here)

Our evening service had a totally different vibe - our stage was moved out further into the room and we can a 'service in the round' with the stage in the center! Our praise team dressed up and played jazzy renditions of Christmas classics. There was also a readers theater performance which was a crowd favorite. As Pastor Dave came up on stage, he invited the children up to the front benches to help him tell the Christmas story - it was adorable and fun and sweet all at the same time. (to watch our service, click here.)

Here are a few photos from the evening:


Trunk R Treat 2017

There's nothing more fun than a party after dark (one that includes candy and costumes, no less!) - on Saturday, October 28th we hosted our first ever 'Trunk R Treat' event for our congregation and local community!

What's that? You haven't heard of Trunk R Treat...? Trunk R Treat is a safe and fun way to celebrate Halloween... it brings the concept of trick or treating to parking lots! Cars and trucks line up in rows with decorated/themed trunks. Children can safely walk around from car to car collecting goodies and playing games! 

Our Trunk R Treat took it one step further than simply having trick or treating - we had all kinds of yummy food inside! We've talking hot cider, delicious cupcakes, treats from the local Jeannie Bird Baking Company, a old fashioned popcorn machine, and more! Not to mention we had pumpkin painting, cornhole, and pumpkin bowling in the gym!

Here are some photos of the event, captured by our good friend Paige Johnson!


Pastor Dave dressed up as 'Elsa' from Frozen... needless to say his costume was a big hit!


And our Children's Ministry Director, Barb Cole dressed up as Pastor Dave! 


Big Bash 2017

There's nothing quite like celebrating the end of summer with all of your favorite people... this past Sunday (September 17th) was truly a Sunday to remember.

Over the past few months, we at New Hope had been studying what it meant to be 'stewards' - we learned about how to be good stewards of time, resources, grace, and most importantly, the gospel message. 

As the stewardship series came to a close, Pastor Dave encouraged and challenged every congregational member to go out, baring the gospel, and invite individuals to come out to our 'Big Bash' End-Of-Summer Extravaganza. We understand that there is more to sharing your faith than simply inviting others to church, but what a great way to introduce people to the concept. "Hey, we are having a big party and I want YOU there!" 

Not only were we having a party, but we were starting a new series on healing choices, and we had over 12 life groups, small groups, and classes available for sign up. This was our 'catch all' Sunday, and we wanted to invite and welcome in as many people as possible.

The cool part? Our people accepted Dave's challenge...

We had approximately 60% more people than on an average Sunday.

And that is So. Exciting. not because numbers alone matter, but because people matter. because souls matter. There were individuals who came, filled out visitor cards, and checked the box that said 'I want to know more about Jesus' - can we rejoice in that for a moment?! 

We raise up our hands in praise - recognizing that all of this happened by the grace of God. We are thankful for our remarkable volunteers that helped provide food as well as volunteers who monitored the games/inflatables.

We would like to thank Matt Griffin of Fun Events LLC for serving New Hope so well - the meats that were provided were delicious. The inflatables, games, snocones, photobooth were so much fun... we were truly blessed by you and your workers, Matt so we offer up sincere thanks.

Check out the photos of the event below! (or click here to see the full Facebook album!) Taken by our Creative Team Member, Paige Pieranunzi. 


2017 Les Carlson Memorial - Highlights & Thank Yous

Our first Les Carlson Memorial Golf Tournament went wonderfully this past month - we are thankful and blessed to have had over 50 golfers come out to Quail Valley Golf Course to honor our beloved friend, Les Carlson. 

The money raised from this event was given to New Hope Missions as well as Pancreatic Cancer Research. 

Gail Carlson, Les' wife, would like to extend a warm and heart felt 'thank you' to the golfers, volunteers, and everyone to helped make this event possible.


Baptisms: August 2017

This summer we decided to 'spice it up!' with our August baptisms.

Unlike our traditional baptisms that take place inside during the service, we decided to take these to the river! We are so proud of John Kammerer, Melissa Little, Patrick Little, and their daughter Sonya for choosing to publicly proclaim their love for Jesus in this way!

Special thanks to our very own Paige Pieranunzi for taking such wonderful photos!


Upcoming Event: Big Bash (September 17th)

On Sunday, September 17th New Hope is hosting one of the LARGEST parties we’ve had in a long time! After the Sunday service, the entire outside of Carroll Lutheran School (where our Sunday services are held!) will be transformed into the world’s most fun cookout experience!

We are talking snocones, an inflatable obstacle course, moon bounce, pedestal jousting, photobooths, yard games (there may be a cornhole tournament and it may get serious...), food and more! Mark your calendars, it’s going to be so much fun!

Want to know why we are doing it? Good question!

Here’s the deal... moving forward, we’ve decided that we’re going all-out for Jesus. Not that we haven’t been before, but we want to put all complacency aside and shake up Carroll County (and beyond!) for the Kingdom.

So come September 17th, we want to challenge every single person to bring someone new to church - we are giving you the opportunity to say:

“There’s an amazing party happening, and I would love for you to be there”

And, not only are we having this fun-filled cookout, but we are also launching two new programs!

We will also be launching our new Life Group Program by having a Life Group Fair in our gym (yup, that’s right! All of our life groups will have tables - come gather information on studies, childcare, meeting times and more!)


Our Youth Group Program is being REVAMPED by splitting the Middle Schoolers from the High Schoolers! Middle Schoolers will now meet on Sunday nights at Carroll Lutheran School while High Schoolers will meet on Wednesdays at the Ministry Building. That same evening, our Middle Schoolers will start their new program for the first time!

If you are interested in volunteering to help us make this Bash a success, please click here. Otherwise, mark you calendars! We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here for the Facebook event!

Welcoming Dave & Cathy Dent

We are thrilled to have Pastor Dave Dent and his wife Cathy as leaders here at New Hope Fellowship Church. Pastor Dave has been helping to revive our congregation and to give life to once dead ministries through the power of the Holy Spirit.

If you are interested in seeing more photos from our 'Welcome' Sunday - please click the link below! A wonderful 'thank you' to our friend, Shelly Pearre for capturing this special day!


Lead Pastor Chosen

On Sunday, February 12th, the New Hope Fellowship Church congregation gathered together after the service for a congregational meeting to discuss the possibility of hiring Pastor Dave Dent as the new Lead Pastor for NHF Church. 

There was a time of question and answer with the leader of the search committee, Greg Pearre, lead elder, Steve Johnson, lead trustee, Mike Hott, and Dave and Cathy Dent.

As the Q & A time concluded, the members voted - the ballots were collected and counted. We are excited to announce that the vote was a unanimous. resounding yes and that Pastor Dave Dent will now serve as the full time Lead Pastor of New Hope Fellowship Church.

Welcome, officially, to New Hope Fellowship, Dave! We are thrilled to have you.

Lead Pastor Recommendation


The Pastoral search started with a posting that was advertised on churchstaffing.com for a one
month period. During that time, 76 applicants, across six countries, submitted resumes, notes,
audio recordings, videos and various other materials to express their interest in the position.
Each of the candidates were reviewed for experience, training, organization, presentation and
for expression of their salvation. Five applicants were chosen to move on to the next phase of
the process.


The next phase of the process was to send out a questionnaire to each of the five contenders.
The questionnaire was designed to be open ended and to allow the applicant an opportunity to express themselves. Only two of the candidates provided insightful responses with details that sought to establish a connection to the search team and did not introduce concerns that
resulted in elimination.


The final two candidates completed a personality index and moved on to the interview phase of the process. The interviews were setup to be one hour of time and they focused around 14 core questions allowing the applicant and the search team to dive down to a low level of detail about the candidates experiences, goals and styles in ministry.


It is the opinion and recommendation of the Pastoral Search Team, through extensive prayer
and being careful stewards of the information placed before us, that God has led DAVE DENT to New Hope Fellowship to fill the role of Lead Pastor and to lead our church, alongside its elders, in the direction of God’s calling. While neither of the final candidates provided responses that eliminated them from consideration, Dave surfaced as a clear leader. The approach that he uses for his leadership style of working together as an equal member among a plurality of men; combined with his experience in larger churches makes him an ideal candidate for a lead pastor role at any church which is elder led. Dave’s desire to build deep meaningful relationships, his quest for accountability, his transparency and his passion to equip the members of God’s church are the proof that his direction comes from God. It was important to to the Pastoral Search team to make the right choice, the God honoring choice, for our church, regardless of how difficult that be. We were prepared to come before the church and indicate that Dave would no longer be the pastor because God had led us in a different direction. However, each step of the process only continued to confirm that Dave Dent is intended to be a part of the family and leadership of New Hope Fellowship Church.

There will be a congregational meeting on Sunday, February 12th after the service where there will be a Q&A time for Dave and Cathy as well as a time to vote.